Anwernekenhe 6: Celebrating 21 years

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Since Anwernekenhe 1, the voices of people living with HIV, gay men and sistergirls have guided our journey. The ANA acknowledges the central and ongoing role that people living with HIV, gay men and sistergirls and Brotherboys play in the response to HIV. The vision of the ANA is ‘Us mob stronger together, working to stop HIV for our people and our country’.

Journal of Global Indigeneity:

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Cultured Queer / Queering Culture: Indigenous Perspectives on Queerness symposium, University of Wollongong, 19 February 2015. Comprising indigenous presenters from Australia, Aotearoa, United States and Canada.

Queers of the Desert: Anwernekenhe: Us Mob

“This historic conference was held at Hamilton Downs, 75km north-west of Alice Springs in Australia’s Northern Territory from Sunday 31st October to Friday 4th November, 1994. It is believed to be the first forum of its kind to be held anywhere in the world. A total of 66 Aboriginal and Islander gay men and transgenders nationally attended to be part of this initiative. The conference represented a long term ambition by a group of particularly dedicated young Aboriginal men who believed strongly enough in a dream to be able to bring it to fruition.”