Marriage equality in Australia is a final step on a long march from 1788

“Same-sex marriage is just another principle that has been adapted for the good into First Nations society, particularly in the more urban areas. Obviously our people know what it is like to be discriminated against and to feel the brunt of racism at all levels. The Marriage Act is discriminatory and must be amended.”

100 Voices: Karen Brown

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Karen talks about:¬†Pollys Social Club; Chameleons; Boomerangs; Park Inn; the Birdcage; Capriccios; Clover Club; Mardi Gras; Stolen Generation; Aboriginal Community.”

A part of the 100 voices project (Sydney LGBT oral history) found here.

(note: this is not a full interview. You must contact them here to retrieve a copy)

Darwin’s gay scene: Take a tour through NT’s queer history with activist and academic Dr Dino Hodge

“I start there because I like to acknowledge traditional owners and also acknowledge other ways of constructing sexuality in other cultures,” Mr Hodge told 105.7 ABC Darwin.

Mr Hodge said understanding Indigenous sexuality was difficult due to a lack of reputable historical accounts, but there was evidence to suggest the Territory’s first people practised varying sexual identities.”

Queers of the Desert: E J Milera

“Edward John Milera (John Cross) was an Aboriginal man who lived and worked in Alice Springs from 1992 until he ended his own life in 1995. He made significant contributions to the fight against HIV/AIDS in the Aboriginal communities of Central Australia, the participation of Aboriginal men in Central Australian gay social life, and the profile of Indigenous Australian queers nationally.”