Respect and resilience: shaping the response to HIV and STIs among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island communities

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Anwernekenhe 6: Celebrating 21 years

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Since Anwernekenhe 1, the voices of people living with HIV, gay men and sistergirls have guided our journey. The ANA acknowledges the central and ongoing role that people living with HIV, gay men and sistergirls and Brotherboys play in the response to HIV. The vision of the ANA is ‘Us mob stronger together, working to stop HIV for our people and our country’.

This is Neville’s Story

“This series of short films are a starting point for conversation – for PLHIV or anyone affected by HIV – and designed to support you having a conversation about HIV with family and friends. Listen to the diverse stories that address the lived experience of people living with, and affected by, HIV.”