Queens of the North: Stories of running away from home and becoming a Darwin drag queen.

Yagan “Star Aqua Galactica”: “There’s this idea that people with a disability don’t have a sexuality,” says Genevieve. “He’s a gay man. That’s who he is.”

Ben Graetz: “I think with drag you get away with a lot more.”



Trai: Brisbane youth workers dealing with sudden influx of homeless teenagers sleeping on city streets

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“Trai, an 18-year-old Indigenous man who identifies as homosexual and intermittently transgender, fled to the streets to escape a violent home. “It was because of family and domestic violence — that’s the sort of stuff I don’t want to see in my life anymore,” Trai said. But Mr Nolan said the streets have taken their toll on him too. “We’ve seen him be pretty significantly assaulted, engage in sex work with some of the older homeless community, incarceration,” Mr Nolan said. For now, Trai said he wants to stay out of trouble. “Life’s, like, you know, rough and tough but you end up like me, being on the streets at a very young or old age being on the streets,” he said. “Just expect the unexpected, that’s all I got to say. “The fights and getting picked on and, you know, struggling with people, communicating with people – struggling to communicate with people I don’t know.” But Trai said strangers could sometimes be kind. “I woke up at 12 o’clock with a generous guy giving me $20,” he said. “He asked if I was OK, I was like, yeah, and that’s what I like about people – the generosity and the time they’ve got to go out of the way to spend with you.” Jack, who was about 12-year-old when he first slept out, said he had nowhere else to go. “It was actually a bit scary and stuff, I didn’t really know much people and I was a bit cold that night, so I just kind of had nowhere else to go,” he said. “I’ve learnt homeless looks after each other. “There’s actually just more younger kids coming on now, us old schoolies “streeties” just trying to help them out, so we say it’s not a good idea.”