Anwernekenhe 6: Celebrating 21 years

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Since Anwernekenhe 1, the voices of people living with HIV, gay men and sistergirls have guided our journey. The ANA acknowledges the central and ongoing role that people living with HIV, gay men and sistergirls and Brotherboys play in the response to HIV. The vision of the ANA is ‘Us mob stronger together, working to stop HIV for our people and our country’.

Queers of the Desert: E J Milera

“Edward John Milera (John Cross) was an Aboriginal man who lived and worked in Alice Springs from 1992 until he ended his own life in 1995. He made significant contributions to the fight against HIV/AIDS in the Aboriginal communities of Central Australia, the participation of Aboriginal men in Central Australian gay social life, and the profile of Indigenous Australian queers nationally.”

Petition: Recognise and Include Indigenous People and Culture in Pride WA’s Festival & Parade.

“Australia’s Indigenous People have the World’s oldest Living Culture and in spite of National efforts towards reconciliation, Western Australia’s Pride Committee, who on behalf of the LGBTIQ+ Community, organise the Pride Festival & Parade have never properly included Indigenous People and Culture.

In 2013 the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence asked Pride WA to have an Indigenous theme and the Committee said NO! In 2014, The Sisters again asked for Indigenous Culture to be included and Pride refused.

In 2015 Tranz4mations is asking all concerned citizens to help us make it third time lucky! We are asking you to sign this petition to support the call for Indigenous Culture to be formally recognised as the theme for the 2015 Festival & Parade.

In recent years, Pride WA Inc has received a grant of $250,000 from Lottery West, Tranz4mations believes that a portion of this money should be allocated to ensuring Indigenous Participation. To this end we are asking that the Sister Girls and Brother Boys be provided with Free Entry to the Pride Parade and in 2015 with an indigenous theme we think it is only appropriate that they lead the parade to welcome them back!

We also want to see Indigenous Culture included in the Arts Festival to encourage the development of LGBTIQ+ talent and dreams. We believe this will also benefit everyone by helping to lower the alarming rate of depression and suicide in the LGBTIQ+ Community.

Tranz4mations would also like to see constitutional reform at Pride WA in order that a formal Indigenous Rep Position be created so that into the future the needs of Indigenous LGBTIQ+ People are not ignored or forgotten about again.

As with other Organisations in WA Tranz4mations believes that it is also appropriate that Acknowledgment of the Traditional Owners and Welcome to Country ceremonies conducted by Indigenous Elders should be included as an essential part of the process of reconciliation.

We thank you in advance for your signature and we respectfully ask that you please share this petition with your friends, families and loved ones.”