Anti-gay claim Enrages Bolt

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Colouring the Rainbow: Book shares perspectives of Aboriginal LGBTIQ community


“More than 20 people have provided life stories and essays to Colouring the Rainbow: Blak Queer and Trans Perspectives.

Editor Dr Dino Hodge said the groundbreaking book builds on a 1994 essay examining the prospects for lesbian and gay Aboriginal history.

“This book is purely a book by Indigenous peoples, by First Nations peoples and rather than me asking questions they have nominated the topics,” he said.

“They have put forward what is important for them.

The book was launched in Adelaide this week as part of the city’s annual gay, lesbian and queer Feast Festival.

Contributor Steven Ross is gay and wrote about Mundine’s controversial comments two years ago.

Mundine was responding on social media to an episode of the ABC series Redfern Now about a gay Aboriginal man.

Mr Ross said such views needed to be challenged because gay people have always been part of Aboriginal culture.”



(book review) Decolonising Solidarity

Note: Non-LGBT Indigenous content. Only LGBT contribution/authorship.


The Art of Seeing Aboriginal Australia’s Queer Potential

Troy-Anthony Bayliss. Aboriginal Mimi ‘trickster’ spirits are genderless. Making Camp at ‘Forest, Cunningham’s Gap, 1856’, 2009, pigmented inks on 310gsm Huhnemuble German Etching Paper, edition of 5, 29.5 x 42 cm (paper size). Courtesy of the artist, Troy-Anthony Baylis


The Trans Life of Kai


Homosexuality and Aboriginal Culture: A Lore Unto Themselves