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The Sistergirls of Tiwi Islands: How a remote community in northern Australia has the highest population of transgender people in the country – including children as young as six .

“The Sistergirls live in a small remote community in the Northern Territory near Darwin where locals say as many as five per cent of the population consider themselves a ‘Sistergirl’ or ‘Yimpininni’ – a term used to describe the transgender indigenous people and those who identify as gay, lesbian and bisexual.

The Tiwi Islands is believed to be home to the most well-known and largest transgender Indigenous community in Australia, BuzzFeed reports.”

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Same-sex: Wayne Bergmann says Aboriginals should back marriage equality


“Mr Bergmann said all of the Aboriginal people he had spoken to about the issue were strongly in favour of same-sex marriage and he believed the elders who signed the bark petition were “out of touch with reality”.

“I believe that they’re being led like sheep and the wool is being pulled over their eyes,” he said.

Mr Bergmann said disadvantaged people, including the gay community, had always been strong advocates for indigenous rights.

“So we need to back up our sisters and brothers who find themselves in this position,” he said.

“I’m calling on all Aboriginal people around the country to show their support for gay and lesbian people to be treated equally before the law and have the same choice as we do.””