NIC: The Case for Australia’s ‘Transgender Awakening’

Note: NIC will be the marker for “Non-Indigenous Content”. NIC’s indicate content that may affect Aboriginal LGBT lives.


Tasmanian Companion to History: Homosexuality

Frames homosexuality as a cultural import:

“Because we know virtually nothing about the place of same-sex relationships in indigenous Tasmanian culture, the island’s homosexual history begins with early explorers like Matthew Flinders, who, with George Bass, circumnavigated Tasmania in 1798�99, proving it an island.”

Australia’s First Transgender Person: Erasing Our Rainbow?

This has wide found implications to the erasure of Indigenous gender diverse heritage. That is my justification for posting this.

Update: Title was Amended from “Was Maid Australia’s First Transgender Person?” to “The Irish maid who lived as a man in 19th-century Australia” on 22/8/14