The Trans Life of Kai


Vice: Growing Up as a Transgender Indigenous Australian

“For as long as I can remember, being separated by gender during ceremony and Corroboree would upset me because I was being taken away and put into a group where I didn’t belong.”


Radio: Kai Clancy

Indigi-Briz Interviews Brotherboy Kai Clancy

“Kristy from Indigi-Briz (1-3pm Sundays) interviews Kai Clancy, who is an 18 year old brotherboy (an Indigenous transgender person). Kai talks about his journey, the intersection between Indigenous and transgender issues, and his attendance at Outgames and the upcoming MindOUT! conference.”

“no matter how much milk you put in coffee it’s still coffee.” – Kai Clancy on Indigenous identity.


Spotlight: Kai Clancy

His transition documentation via youtube

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