BR Post 12 Feb 14

“BLACK – In Aboriginal culture there lives The Rainbow Serpent, one of the
oldest continuing religious beliefs in the world. In some cultures, the Rainbow Serpent is male; in others, female; in yet others, the gender is ambiguous or the Rainbow Serpent is hermaphroditic or bisexual, an androgynous entity. The Black Rainbow will hold and dance with your senses, inclusive of all otherness and great spirit.

RAINBOW – If you’re lucky after it rains you may give witness to the magic
phenomenon, an optical spectrum of light appearing in the sky. Reflecting and refracting through moisture and sunlight, they are fun to chase and impossible to pin down. This new collection of artists and their works showcases a multi-coloured arc both directly and indirectly.”

In regards to Indigenous art exhibit during Mardi Gras 14


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